Your Inner State creates your Outer Experience

March 31, 2017By ninakhooStress No Comments

I feel like I need to start off with a deep & sonorous ‘OM’ after a title like that! Feel free to chant it to yourself before reading on … Quite a profound statement, ‘your inner state creates your outer experience’, & one that I’ve heard repeatedly over the years. Today, I finally realised how … Read More

Alone Time & the Highly Sensitive Mother

November 2, 2016By ninakhooTime alone No Comments

School Holidays, don’t you just love them? Lie-ins, leisurely breakfasts, lazy days full of laughter, fun & games & quality time with the children.. That’s what I usually think in the run-up to any holidays. Having just come out of half-term week, the reality is quite different! In our family, at least. As much as … Read More

Pleasure, Overwhelm & Cortisol

September 22, 2016By ninakhooStress No Comments

I recently watched a wonderful episode of Marie TV where Marie interviewed Regena Thomashauer, the author of a new book on reclaiming feminine power. I won’t put the full title of Regena’s book here (as I don’t want to get blocked by any filters) but let’s just say it’s daring & many will say provocative! … Read More

Nurturing Yourself as a Highly Sensitive Woman

June 13, 2016By ninakhooNurturing No Comments

While talking to a friend recently (also Highly Sensitive) about how important it is to nurture ourselves, she raised a question that surprised me. ‘What does nurturing yourself mean exactly’? she asked. That stopped me in my tracks. I’d been assuming (always dangerous) that how to nurture ourselves was obvious, but then I started to … Read More