Your Inner State creates your Outer Experience

March 31, 2017By ninakhooStress No Comments

I feel like I need to start off with a deep & sonorous ‘OM’ after a title like that! Feel free to chant it to yourself before reading on … Quite a profound statement, ‘your inner state creates your outer experience’, & one that I’ve heard repeatedly over the years. Today, I finally realised how … Read More

Pleasure, Overwhelm & Cortisol

September 22, 2016By ninakhooStress No Comments

I recently watched a wonderful episode of Marie TV where Marie interviewed Regena Thomashauer, the author of a new book on reclaiming feminine power. I won’t put the full title of Regena’s book here (as I don’t want to get blocked by any filters) but let’s just say it’s daring & many will say provocative! … Read More