One to One Coaching

Being a Highly Sensitive Woman can be tough, especially if you're a Mother too. At times we feel pulled in a hundred different directions, trying to fulfil the needs of our partners, our children, friends and work colleagues. Which do we attend to first?  Then comes the inevitable guilt that we're just scraping by, when we know we could have done things so much better - if only we had more time and energy! Maybe you're at the point where you've been giving so much that you're now running on empty, and your body is starting to tell you it's had enough.

I've been there, and it can be scary.

This is your cue to STOP, take a few deep breaths and take note of that little voice inside that you've probably been ignoring all these years. The voice that knows what you really need, the one you've squashed down, thinking you'd be selfish to do what it says.

But you know what? You need to listen. We all know, deep down, what we need to do to be the best version of ourselves. Our bodies and souls tell us, if we would only listen. Highly Sensitive People have a lot of internal chatter going on all the time, which makes this voice of wisdom harder to pick out and pay attention to. Learning to put yourself first is an important skill for everyone, and is especially crucial for Highly Sensitive Women. You're likely to feel even more exhausted & in a brain-fog than the rest of the non-Highly Sensitive population. 

My focus is helping Highly Sensitive Women reclaim their energy, listen to their inner voice of wisdom & learn to put themselves first.

I only work with a handful of clients at any one time. This helps me take care of my energy & means you get my full focus & attention during our time together.

Ready to raise your energy & live your life with Vitality, Joy & Purpose?

Take a look at the coaching packages below & choose one that suits you.



6 sessions over 12 weeks

1 x 90 minute sessions

5 x 60 minute sessions

Supporting documentation

12 sessions over 24 weeks

1 x 90 minute sessions

11 x 60 minute sessions

Supporting documentation

'Nina's A, B, C of High Sensitivity' Video

12 sessions over 24 weeks

1 x 90 minute sessions

11 x 60 minute sessions

Supporting documentation

Nina's 'A, B, C of High Sensitivity' Video

Overwhelm SOS Guided Visualisation - audio file

Exclusive VIP Day at a luxury venue

These are just some of the areas that we'll cover during your coaching with me:

  • Gain a full understanding of what being HS means for you
  • Explore what's draining your precious HS energy
  • Implement & practise new behaviours that boost your energy levels
  • Identify any limiting beliefs that are holding you back & change them
  • Discover your values & how to live in a way that honours them
  • Learn new behaviours to support your HS nature
  • Connect with your Life Purpose
  • Find & use your voice
  • Bring JOY into your life again!

If you're interested in exploring how you can live in your HS Strengths & stay out of your HS Shadows, book a free discovery call & we can talk about what you want to achieve & which package is the best fit for you.

Once you've been through any of my coaching Packages, you can book further 75 minute sessions.

 Book your free discovery call. I look forward to connecting with you!