The 3 Most Impactful Things I've learnt as a Highly Sensitive Person

In the time that’s passed since discovering there was a reason for my feeling ‘different’ (because I’m Highly Sensitive), I’ve done the typical Highly Sensitive Person – HSP - thing of gathering as much information on the subject as I possibly can.

Courses, workshops, books, online research… just like a squirrel gathering a giant stash of nuts to see it through the winter! Yes, of course there are books I still haven’t got round to reading yet, & a few courses that are waiting patiently on my laptop to be opened & absorbed, but on the whole, I’ve ingested a lot of information over the past couple of years.

There are so many things I’ve learnt & put into place that have made a huge difference to how I live my life. Things that all HSPs need to do to survive & thrive in our world today.

These are the 3 most important things that I’ve taken from my mountain of research that I think have had the greatest impact for me. I hope they do for you too!

1) Progress not Perfection

As HSPs, we have a tendency to perfectionism. We want things to be right & we want them to be perfect. Perfectionism can be a great thing, for instance if you’re a master chef creating Michelin starred food for your customers. For most of us, striving for perfection all the time ends up holding us back. Often the beauty of something comes from its imperfections. If we wait for projects to be perfect before sharing them with the world, we may never get them out there, or the moment may pass.

Hence the mantra ‘Progress not Perfection’ (with thanks to Marie Forleo & B-School for teaching me that). Personally, it’s been a mantra I live by in my business every day. If I waited for my website & my blogs to be ‘perfect’ before publishing them, they’d never see the light of day.

Keep moving forward, learn from your mistakes & go for progress. That’s how empires are built!

2) Respect our Highly Responsive Nervous Systems

As HSPs we have a highly responsive nervous system. This is Evolution’s way of ensuring the survival of our species – making us the 20% that pick up on the first signs of danger so we can alert the others.

The downside comes from living in our modern world where we live in a near perpetual state of high alert.  Overcrowding, noise, toxins in our environment & food, these all trigger our fight or flight response resulting in raised cortisol levels, stress, & if left unchecked, illness.

This is probably what makes HSPs 6 times more likely than others to succumb to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I’ve learnt to respect my highly responsive nervous system & take conscious steps to nurture it whenever possible. This means taking time out when things become overwhelming, saying ‘no’ more often, paying attention to what I eat, the products I use in my home & on my body & even the places & people I spend time with.

Yes it does take more time & can be more expensive sourcing the most natural products & food, but it really is so important. It may cost more to buy organically produced food & beauty products, but the cost will be significantly greater in the long run, in terms of both finances & health. I’d much rather invest in my wellbeing now.

3) Connect with Something ‘Bigger’

I’ve always been drawn to spirituality & am fascinated by all its manifestations, from Angels to Shamanism, to the myriad of Gods in Indian & Greek mythology. Though mainstream religion isn’t really my bag & I don’t feel the need to go to church regularly, I’m always happy to visit churches & cathedrals in new places as I love to soak in the special atmosphere they often contain.

One of the many courses I’m doing is based on A Course in Miracles. It teaches the importance of connecting with something bigger, whether that’s God or the Universe or Divine Energy - whatever ‘bigger’ is for you.

As a HSP, I believe we’re made to connect more easily than others. If everything is made of energy, it follows that with our highly responsive nervous systems acting as exquisitely tuned antenna, we will pick up on this energy & be able to tap into its source more readily.

Calling on something bigger than ourselves is a great way to deal with another HS shadow - Overwhelm.

Whenever I feel myself sinking into a negative thought spiral or feeling as if my head is so full it’s going to explode like a volcano, I take a breath & turn to my Louise Hay Wisdom Cards or my Doreen Virtue Goddess Guidance Cards. It always helps!


It’s my hope that you’ll find these 3 areas as helpful as I have in your Highly Sensitive lives.

If you’d like to learn more & want to invest in your wellbeing, take a look at my 4-Day Program. I’ll be sharing everything I’ve learnt to thrive as a HS Woman in the world today, right down to the specific products I use to the tools & techniques invaluable in dealing with Highly Sensitive Shadows such as overthinking & overwhelm. Be prepared for a powerful journey of deep shifts & changes!

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  • Great blog Nina! As a HSP I know what you’re talking about and you’re right on point! Progress (not perfection), self-care, and connect to something bigger than ourselves. All of these are helpful to maintain a sense of balance or normalcy allowing me to draw upon my strengths that come from being a HSP. When I don’t address each of these issues, I feel easily overwhelmed. Thanks again for your experience and wisdom on this topic.

    • Hello Beth. Thank you for your comment!
      I’m so glad you found the blog affirmed what you’re doing. Such simple but important things for all of us HSPs. X

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