January - Time to Rest & Replenish

I really struggle in January. I struggle with the grey-ness of it all - the grey of a tupperware sky, the grey of rainy day after rainy day, the damp seeping into my joints. I wait for spring impatiently, wishing January away. Or at least I used to..

After I read Rebecca Campbell's book 'Rise, Sister, Rise', I really related to her view of Winter being the perfect time to rest & replenish. That this is an essential part of the year for our bodies & souls, as this is when we go into hibernation mode. When all systems take a well-deserved rest, using the time to repair & rejuvenate, ready to burst into action once again in Spring.

This seems especially true for those of us that are Highly Sensitive. We need more time to rest & replenish at the best of times, so why not use the cold, grey winter days to go into full-blown cocooning mode? This is when we can unabashedly cosy up on the sofa in front of a roaring fire with a book. Why go out when it's pouring with rain outside? Take the time to heal your over-worked highly sensitive nervous systems. Sleep, eat, meditate, rejuvenate. Allow your body & mind the time & space to build their reserves.

Hundreds of years ago, we'd be forced to spend more time sleeping & resting as daylight hours were limited. There's not much you can do when you're surrounded by darkness. Today, we have electricity which means we can stay awake all night if we want to. This artificial daylight confuses our bodies, forcing them to function on far less rest than they're designed for.

We need to honour this need to rest by enforcing down-time on ourselves. Not many of us want to go to sleep at 5 in the afternoon, but we can take nature's lead. If it's pouring with rain, take the opportunity to do something gentle indoors. If the lack of sunlight is making us tired, yes, take Vitamin D supplements, but how about getting more sleep by going to bed a little earlier?

Even though innovation means we can keep going in spite of the season & the weather outside, our bodies will thank us for paying attention to Mother Nature. When she says get more rest, we'd do well to listen. Let's take our lead from the trees & animals that know winter is the season to replenish. You'll have all the more energy at the ready for the longer, brighter days ahead!

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