Bunnies, Over-Responsibility & a Tailspin of Thoughts

How two little bunnies sent me into a tailspin of Highly Sensitive over-thinking & over-responsibility..

We've wanted pets for a while now. I was lucky enough to grow up with lots of animals around - dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, even a pony for a short while, & I want my daughters to experience the same. The campaign for a dog has been put on hold, as we're trying to sell our house & move. I conceded that a puppy shredding the furniture wouldn't be the best thing when preparing for house-viewings. So, we decided to get rabbits instead. One very rainy & depressing weekend, I had an intense yearning to get a pet. I was fed up of waiting until we moved house. I wanted a pet now!

We ended up putting ourselves on a waiting list for 2 bunny rabbits. The farm we wanted to get them from warned us it would probably be 2 to 3 months before we got them. Satisfied that the wheels were in motion, I settled down to research rabbits & how to take care of them. Collecting information - squirrel-like - is one of our Highly Sensitive strengths. I read a lot of information on a lot of websites! So much, in fact, that I started to question whether we had enough space in our garden for the rabbits...

When the farm rang a month earlier than expected, saying the bunnies were available, I went into a bit of a panic. My Highly Sensitive deep thinking went into over-drive: it's a month early! we don't have anything ready for the rabbits yet! do we even have space for rabbits? should we just go straight for a dog instead? when we are in a position to get a dog - will it get on with the rabbits or terrorise them? can I really commit to taking care of rabbits for the next 10 years?...& so on. A thousand thoughts running roughshod through my mind.

'Yes, we'll come & take a look at the rabbits on Thursday' I said.

The phone call from the farm had triggered my Highly Sensitive shadows of over-responsibility & over-thinking. I had a fitful night's sleep, thinking about the pros & cons of getting the rabbits & how to deal with my daughters' disappointment if we didn't get them. My husband, on the other hand, just took it all in his stride.

Of course, once we'd seen the bunnies there was no way we weren't going to offer them a home with us. So now, our family has grown by 2. My over-responsibility shadows are still kicking in. It turns out that rabbits are sensitive creatures that need careful handling. Well that sounds familiar... Hours of googling ensued when they had less than firm poos, & when they insisted on nibbling their paper-based litter. I know I won't relax fully until they've had their vaccinations & have survived a good few weeks with us.

I suspect there are many pet owners out there that care for their beloved pets effortlessly. I'm not one of them. I feel the responsibility of taking care of another living creature. I've given the rabbits a home with us, & I'll do everything I can to make it the best possible home. Perhaps I will see it as being conscientious rather than over-responsible. As an HSP, I hear the label 'over-...' far too much as it is.

And you know what? The 2 new additions to our family are so worth the extra thought cycles.

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