Do you…

  • Think deeply about things, even small things that others barely seem to give a second thought?
  • Become easily overwhelmed?
  • Experience intense emotions when faced with sad or beautiful situations?
  • Notice scratchy labels in your clothing, or have an aversion to noisy, or brightly lit places?

If you’ve answered YES to the above, then you’re most likely Highly Sensitive.

And you’re not alone – in fact, 15-20% of the population are Highly Sensitive too!

If you’re only just discovering that you’re Highly Sensitive, you may have gone through life feeling like an outsider, maybe even feeling there was something wrong with you.

You may have struggled and found ways to cope that haven’t always served you or your health. You may be wondering where all the joy has gone..



As a Highly Sensitive Person, your brain is wired differently from someone that isn’t Highly Sensitive. You were born that way. Being Highly Sensitive is an innate temperament trait, not a disorder.

You aren’t broken & certainly don’t need fixing!

Think of High Sensitivity in the same terms as being left-handed. In both cases your brain is wired differently from the majority of the population. If you give a left-handed person a pair of scissors designed specially for them, using scissors suddenly becomes easy. Similarly, the Highly Sensitive Person’s life can be made much simpler by making a few changes.

The first step though, is recognising that you’re Highly Sensitive.

If you’ve been feeling different all your life, there’s a good reason – you are different! Different from the 80% of people that aren’t Highly Sensitive and won’t understand what you experience on a daily basis. How could they? It’s like trying to describe the rainbow to someone that’s colour-blind.

As a Highly Sensitive Woman, Personal Development Coach, and Mother, I know how it feels to be torn between my family and career. The perpetual striving for perfection (common for Highly Sensitive People), wanting to be everything to everyone has, in the past, left me collapsed in a heap on the bathroom floor.

It’s taken a few scares for me to come to the simple realisation that I have to take care of my needs first.

Obvious, you’d think, but how many of us do that? That completely goes against the grain for women and mothers, let alone Highly Sensitive mothers whose empathy compels them to put others’ needs before their own. But here’s the thing, Highly Sensitive Women have to take care of themselves first before anyone else.



Our Highly Sensitive nervous systems are great at alerting us to the first signs of danger in situations – it’s what they’ve been designed to do and has helped us survive as a human race through the ages. However, once the perceived danger has passed, our systems need to go back to normal to maintain balance and good health.

In our highly stimulating, 24/7, modern world, the Highly Sensitive Person’s nervous system is triggered and stays in a fight or flight state far longer than is healthy.

Unless we actively find ways to bring our systems back to their natural calm state, we’re more prone to stress-related illnesses resulting from raised cortisol levels.



Of course Highly Sensitive People can (and do!) live long, healthy and fulfilling lives. You can thrive in your High Sensitivity, making the most of your sensitive gifts rather than allowing them to be the cause of overwhelm and ill-health.

As a Highly Sensitive Woman myself, I’ve had to take a long close look at how I live my life and at the things that increase or deplete my precious energy. I’ve learnt to listen to my body and act on the signals it gives me, rather than sticking my head in the sand and hoping for the best.

Putting my needs first doesn’t mean that I neglect my family, in fact it means I have more energy for them and am generally a kinder, happier person to be around. I’ve managed to replace the constant feeling of overwhelm with joy & gratitude!



Our abilities to notice the subtleties that others miss, and think deeply about things, gives us a huge advantage.

These are gifts that we can bring to enrich our own lives and the lives of those around us. We’re the first to notice when someone wants to say something in a meeting but feels intimidated, the first to pick up on our child’s sad mood just from the set of their shoulders when they walk through the school gate at the end of the day.

Highly Sensitive People tend to be the Advisors, Healers, and Teachers in society. Our traits needn’t be confined to the people and situations directly around us. You only have to google ‘famous Highly Sensitive People’ to see that the world has been shaped for the better by many HSPs..(Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa).


My passion in life is helping all Highly Sensitive Women understand our trait, manage our overwhelm, and let our sensitive gifts shine through so that we and the rest of the world can benefit from them.

When I found out I was Highly Sensitive, I set about learning everything I could about what that meant. Through my research, I realised I had to make some pretty dramatic changes to take care of myself.

I’ve gone from being lethargic, unfocused & feeling like the worst mother in the world to having loads more energy & confidence with my family & in my business.

I now share the steps I took to nurture my High Sensitivity through my coaching, workshops & talks.

If you’ve resonated with my story and would like to explore how to thrive with your Highly Sensitive trait, then please do contact me, I’d love to hear from you!


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