One to One Coaching

Via Skype or face-to-face


50 minutes


Perfect for:

  • gaining an understanding of what being Highly Sensitive means for you
  • focused support on a specific issue
  • a taster session



90 minutes


Time to delve deeper:

  • explore what’s draining your precious energy
  • identify what’s no longer working for you
  • learn new behaviours to support your Sensitive nature





1 x 90 minutes

3 x 50 minutes

(To be used within an 8 week period)



Time for some big changes:

  • explore your beliefs & values
  • identify which beliefs hold you back
  • understand your Highly Sensitive strengths & shadows
  • implement & practise new behaviours to boost your energy levels
  • make space in your life to focus on your goals

bring JOY into your life again